Tooth decay causes cavities. If you’re in need of a filling, it's best to address it right away, before it becomes painful, possibly causing pain and abscess. Delayed treatment can lead to problems, such as bone loss.

A filling is material used to repair a tooth that has been affected by a cavity or has been cracked or fractured. We remove the decayed area, clean out the remaining space, and fill it in.


At Forever Dental, we offer traditional metal amalgam fillings or composite fillings which are white in color and closely match the color of the patient’s surrounding teeth. (Additional options are available for front teeth to ensure an aesthetically pleasing result.) Resin composite fillings are made of ceramic and plastic compounds. White fillings may not be as durable in the long term but will last for many years, proving a beautiful smile!

Amalgam fillings are often referred to as “silver fillings.” Mercury, which makes up about 50% of the compound, is necessary to bind the metals together to provide a stronger filling. Although dental amalgam is a commonly used material, you may wonder about the mercury content. When combined with the other metals, an amalgam filling forms a safe, stable material.

Dental amalgam material is easy to work with and harder than resin-based composites, ultimately lasting longer. Because of that, it‘s the most appropriate choice for back teeth fillings. The drawback to using an amalgam filling is that, unlike a resin filling, the metal is visible in your mouth when you open wide.

Deciding which kind of filling is best for you is based on your dental history, the size and location of the cavity, cosmetic concerns, and cost.

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